ave proven to be useful for the “Adaptogen” treatments. It has been proved that the GHF products are nontoxic, are able to normalize the function of human body, and can be taken on a long-term basis without any harmful side effects. Based on the experiences in handling the manufacturing of the good quality of Ling-Zhi & Aloe products, the GHF Co. will precede the applications of Ling-Zhi and Aloe to improve the health condition of our prospective consumers, eventually they will all expect to enjoy their life in the future. For the future, the GHF will continue to dedicate to the development of other useful Chinese herbs in cooperation with Professor Lee of the National Yang-Ming University for the needs of our customers.


Health is made,not bestowed. You build your Health as you go through life, brick by brick, stone by stone. Fault material will not stand the test of time, so do not neglect anything but the best.

健 康




G.H.F. 的思想 / Good Health Food